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Oakmere Road: 5 Signs That Your Investment Adviser Is Scamming You

When it comes to investing, there are precious few certainties, other than the fact that nobody works for your financial best interest as completely as you do.   That fact became obvious to the clients of the Warrenville, Ill., company … Continue reading

Investor Education Gateway by International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission

Welcome to the IOSCO Investor Education Gateway! This is the place to find information about many IOSCO members’ on-line investor education activities, as well as IOSCO publications and presentations regarding investor education.   Investor Education has been and continues to … Continue reading

International Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: Reporting by undertakings with listed securities

The Transparency Directive prescribes for Member States to set out rules for issuers with securities admitted to trading on an EU regulated market so that they disclose certain key information about their operation. With such a transparency, European issuers build … Continue reading